The Expert’s Guide to Implementing Microsoft Windows Vista

Scriptlogic is releasing an e-book to help you migrate to Windows Vista, it’s called The Expert’s Guide to Implementing Microsoft Windows Vista and it is free when you Register to download the 30-day trial of Desktop Authority now, and receive chapters 1-4 for free. Or, you may be able to register here to get it free, but haven’t tried it yet.

  • Provides information about new features and the background on the editions available
  • Highlights new and improved security features and impact on the IT professional
  • Outlines a plan on how to prepare for the migration to Vista
  • Teaches IT administrations how to minimize costs and user disruption when deploying Vista.

“Many IT administrators have already started to develop a Vista migration strategy and we wanted to arm them with the resources necessary to ensure a smooth and effective transition,” said Nick Cavalancia, vice president of Marketing, ScriptLogic Corporation. “Leveraging feedback and notes from an extensive customer base and Mr. Masson’s technical expertise, we were able to publish a guide that will help industry professionals take full advantage of the features included in Vista, one of the most anticipated OS launches from Microsoft in years.” Source: ScriptLogic Corporation Releases Free e-Book on Windows Vista Migration

The also have a whitepaper available, The Proactive Migration to Windows Vista,” detailing the best strategies for Microsoft Vista migration. Get it here.