Microsoft Slashes Windows Vista Prices, in China

Microsoft has cut the price of Windows Vista in China by more than half in an effort to curb software piracy. Does this mean if we quit paying for it in the states, they will drop the prices here too? You know there is only one way to find out, and that is to do it, hehe, although I’m not condoning piracy at all, it just seems to me they could drop the price here some too, to make sure we don’t feel like we took one in the rear end after shelling out all of the money we did to buy it.

The Home Basic edition dropped from $201 (1,521 yuan) to $66, and the Home Premium package dropped from $238 to $118. The move was effective as of Wednesday.

The price cut is the company’s latest effort to tackle the rampant software piracy in China, according to The Wall Street Journal. The theory is that if legitimate software costs less, people will be less likely to turn to pirated versions. Source: Microsoft slashes Vista price in China