Microsoft Drops Pricing on Xbox 360

Microsoft has done what some said they would not do, and what some said they would do, how’s that for making sense, they have dropped the price on the Xbox 360 by $50. Better still, if you live in Canada, they are dropping the price of it by $100!

Microsoft Lowers Price of Xbox 360 by $100 in Canada Price drop coincides with release of “Madden NFL 08″ on Xbox 360, one of many titles that make up the greatest holiday lineup in video game history.

Microsoft trims Xbox 360 price by $50 Although rumors of the price cut had swirled since last week, Microsoft didn’t make the deal official until late yesterday. Even then, the company did not tout the $50 cut as much as highlight how long it resisted discounting the machine. “The fact that we have been able to keep our launch price longer than any other console while retaining our leadership position demonstrates that consumers believe in the value of Xbox 360,” said Mitch Koch, a vice president in the entertainment division’s sales and marketing group, in a statement.

Xbox 360 System update They also released an update to Xbox Live to allow you to use some wireless guitars that are coming out.

Madden NFL 08 Side-By-Side PS3 And Xbox 360 Comparison Game Videos compiled some footage of Madden NFL 08, which you all know by now has one distinct difference between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions ? the PS3 version will run at 30 frames per second, while the 360 version will run at 60.

Halo 3 themed Xbox 360 Don’t forget about the Halo 3 themed [tag]Xbox 360[/tag] coming out in September.

360 Cores and Premiums with HDMI? An inside source spills the beans According to my source, Microsoft wants to cut through all their existing inventory of hardware. They will then quietly “soft launch” a new version of the Core and Premium hardware in late August or September that will include an HDMI port. It’s also expected that this new hardware will feature the 65nm process for the CPU and quieter DVD drives. The new hardware will ship in boxes very similar to what we saw on store shelves now, but there will be a small “call out” on the box so you know you’re getting a system with the HDMI connection.