Windows Vista SP1 and Vista Readyboost News

Here are a couple Vista service pack 1 related stories.

Vista ReadyBoost Suckage & Vista resume sluggishness Problems with a computer resuming from S3/S4 sleep are related to the encryption key that is created with the Readyboost file. Apparently, the key is created once per windows session, so, sometimes when resuming from sleep, Vista realizes it needs to rebuild the Readyboost file because of the key, so, while it is trying to come out of sleep mode, while it is paging data to the memory, it is also rebuilding the Readyboost file. So, on resume, if you notice your computer thrashing the hard drive and poor resume performance, you know why. This is supposed to be fixed in Windows Vista SP1.

Vista SP1 beta 1 to launch in mid-July Looks like Microsoft is planning on beta testing the Vista SP1 in mid July with a final release date of November 2007.

Microsoft’s OEM catch-22: XP still in the driver’s seat Now more than half a year into the launch of Windows Vista, it’s beginning to look as though Microsoft may have a rebellion on its hands, at least in the corporate world. While Windows Vista continues to sell like hotcakes via OEMs to consumers, businesses are calling up those same OEMs and asking how they can get Windows XP instead.