Top 20 Worst Windows Features

This is a funny look at some of the worst Windows “features” of all time, from Drivespace to ActiveX Controls, if you hate it, it’s probably in there.

In November of 1985, Microsoft released Windows 1.0. And thus began Windows’ 22-year reign (to date) as the world’s most popular, most irritating computing platform. Which Windows features have been responsible for the most angst? We tallied this list of offenders with the advice of PC World editors and contributors as well as members of the PCW community. Our roster includes several kinds of worsts: Just plain bad ideas, good ideas gone awry, and a few ideas that started out terrible but eventually became surprisingly decent. Click on the images above to see ‘em all, starting with number 20. Source: The 20 Worst Windows Features of All Time From Windows 95′s Active Desktop to Vista’s UAC, a loving tribute to the tools, technologies, and applets that drive us absolutely bonkers.