Second Life and Support for Vista

I have used Second Life on a Windows Vista machine a couple times and have not really had any trouble, other than getting it to work to start with, but, I believe in hindsight that the issues I did have were bandwidth related at the time and nothing with Vista, as others in my area had trouble getting online as well. But, in a blog post from Linden Labs, they announced that Vista is working well with SL as long as you are using a supported graphics card and the latest native drivers from the manufacturer, specs are System Requirements.

Here?s an update on Second Life support for Vista users. We?re in the process of validating our support of Vista. We?ve finished a couple of rounds of testing. We?re now pulling together our findings and laying the internal groundwork for formal support of Vista.

Generally speaking, Second Life and Vista are happy together as long as a supported graphics card is installed and the most recent native graphics drivers are being used. Please see for more information. Source: Vista support in Second Life

I’ll have to try a friend?s machine out who is using Vista to get my own personal opinion, not taking a chance with my main machine and Vista, just yet.