CBS to Broadcast Video Game Matches

Here is something I have been waiting on, maybe my kid can be famous kicking ass in video games..

Tomorrow at noon, CBS, the august home of the Masters and March Madness, will become the first broadcast network in the United States to cover a video game tournament as a sporting event.

And so, along the bottom third of the screen, Mr. Gordon had added six fat red health meters, like digital fuel gauges, reflecting the fortunes of the game?s players. For anyone actually playing the game, the same information would be conveyed by just a few minuscule pixels tucked in a corner of the screen.

?We need to add the health bars so TV viewers can understand what?s happening,? Mr. Gordon said. ?Otherwise, forget it.?

Other assists for those unfamiliar with gaming will include explanatory boxes on screen (?Iceblock: a spell that encases a player in ice, protecting him from enemy spells?), play-by-play announcers and hosts, like Greg Amsinger and Susie Castillo, better known, respectively, for college sports shows and MTV?s ?Total Request Live.?

The producers have even tweaked some of the games? rules to make them more viewer-friendly. For example, in Guitar Hero II, players are normally scored on how accurately they pretend to play the notes for various rock anthems. But for the broadcast, a score from a showmanship judge has been factored into the result. Naturally, the crowd goes wild. Source: Video Game Matches to Be Televised on CBS

Here is a local kid who kinda got famous playing WOW and making his buddies mad, hehe.