Application Developers Targeting Windows Less

In a survey from Evans Data, application developers are targeting Windows 12% less than last year, while Linux gained 34 percent. The change sounds bigger than it really is as 64.8% of them are targeting Windows and 11.8% are targeting Linux.

“We attribute [the decline] largely to the increase in developers beginning to target Linux and different Linux [distributions]. Both Novell and Red Hat are the two dominant ones right now,” said John Andrews, the CEO of Evans Data.

The arrival of Windows Vista likely only kept the numbers from being even worse. “I think Vista probably offset some of the decline,” Andrews said.

The share for Windows is expected to drop another 2 percent, to about 63 percent, in the next year, Andrews said. Source: Survey: Windows loses ground with developers

Evans Data said the shift began two years ago and is picking up speed a little.

They also found the JavaScript is still the number 1 scripting language, but are expecting Ruby on Rails to pick up steam this next year.