Windows Vista and Office 2007 News and Tips

Here are some news items, tips, and tweaks for Windows Vista.

Windows Vista services that can be disabled One of the most effective ways to secure a Windows Vista workstation is to turn off the unnecessary services. This reference sheet lists all of the Windows Vista services, describes each one’s function, says whether you can safely disable it, and outlines what will happen if you do. The list assumes the machine is running Windows Vista Ultimate (some of the services that are listed won’t be available in other versions of Vista) in a corporate network environment and that the company is not using smart cards.

100 things you should know about Microsoft Office 2007 Don’t have time to sit down and read an exhaustive description of Office 2007′s most significant new features? Take a spin through this collection of “10 things” lists, which provide a concise and targeted view of the biggest changes, surprises, and enhancements in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access.

Shopping for Windows Vista software and drivers We’re just now approaching the five-month mark since Windows Vista was officially released. So it’s at this point that you would expect to find an abundance of software and device drivers on the market that are specifically designed for Windows Vista. Here’s a guide to finding some of those products. A great site to check for Windows Vista drivers is RadarSync.

10 key enhancements in Excel 2007 Given the learning hurdle that comes with an entirely revamped (albeit improved) user interface, Excel 2007 must offer significant enhancements to encourage you to upgrade. Herewith, my top 10. You can download all ten as a PDF here.

Here are the latest news items concerning Windows Vista from Google.

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