Windows Live Drive is Live

Windows Live Folders
Just finished reading an article at Techcrunch that let us know that Windows Live Drive, or as it is now known, Windows Live Folders, is now in beta, or managed beta, as it said in the article. Not sure what the managed part is, but I went straight in with my Live id, entered my password and was uploading files in seconds. Just go to, sign in and you are ready to go, unless I just got lucky and they are letting so many sign up.

The system is very fast, as Microsoft’s sites usually are, I uploaded over 80 megs worth of stuff in a couple minutes, but that was while I was on a very high speed connection, it will be interesting to see how fast it is on my sucky cable connection. The only thing I didn’t like about it so far is the number of files you can upload at a time is only 5, they should AT LEAST increase it to 10 or think about allowing us to drag and drop files and folders into it, like we can using Internet Explorer and ftp sites.

It looks very slick, but, we need millions of people using it to really test out Microsoft’s connections, hehe, so get you a live id, if you don’t have one, sign in and start uploading and sharing your files and lets see if we can stress test this thing. Don’t forget to leave feedback if you think they could improve it.