Julie Amero Granted New Trial

Finally, some justice in the Julie Amero case, Judge Hillary B. Strackbein has granted Julie Amero a new trial based on the fact that the Norwhich Police detective, Mark Lounsbury, provided erroneous testimony, i.e., did not know what he was talking about, and the jury may have relied at least in part on his testimony. The Judge cited additional forensic analysis done by the state after the guilty verdict, and said it contradicted the testimony of the state’s computer witness. The article posted on the courant.com website made it sound like she would not be tried again.

But today, Smith said state would take no position on Dow’s motion for a new trial, making it unlikely she will be tried again. Smith also acknowledged that erroneous information about the computer was presented during trial.

Amero, who was pregnant at the time of the incident on Oct. 19, 2004, faced as many as 40 years in jail following the January verdict. Her sentencing was postponed four times this spring as the state considered new evidence in the case.

Amero’s case became a hot issue for bloggers throughout the country, many of whom sharply criticized the guilty verdict. Strackbein criticized the bloggers today, saying they tried to “improperly influence” the court. Source: Amero Granted New Trial

I wonder how the Judge means that bloggers tried to improperly influence the court? The tech community was very active in this case because we all new it was crap, but I hadn’t heard anything about bloggers being pushy or anything, so I really don’t know what she is referring to.

What is funny, is the article in the Norwhich Bulletin, the local rag that has pushed the fact that she was guilty from the beginning, posted an article about this story, here, and the first line said she “claims pornographic images on her classroom computer were the result of pop-up ads”. Claims? Sounds pretty obvious to me Greg, even the State admitted they were wrong, can’t you?

Congratulations Julie, hopefully this is the end, if you want to contribute to her fund to help pay for her defense, visit the blog they setup here, because you know she will have to foot the entire bill for being wrongly accused.

Note: I have a big rundown of what happened previously in the case posted in this article, Teacher Porn Case and Computer Forensics.