Zunker the Botnet Management Application

Here is some really interesting information, Panda Labs has discovered an online app that controls botnets, and not just any app, it is laid out pretty good and gives you back some pretty good info on the botnet, number of computers, how many are up, where they are, etc. And spamming, that is a piece of cake as well, type up the message and post it into a pre-made template, say for forums, instant messenger apps, web mail, etc.

Anyway, you can see that bots are organized by country, and you can see how many bots you have, reports from each one, how much spam has been sent, what software has been used by the bots to send the spam (gmail, IM, forums, etc…):

You can also see in the statistics section number of bots, reports, and daily/monthly Spam statistics…not bad eh? Source: Zunker Bot

Network world talked to a couple of Panda’s employees to get some extra info.

Zunker could give botnetters statistics on the lifespan of particular botnets — how many infected PCs were still in operation — and allow files to be downloaded to infected PCs to perform activities beyond basic spam relaying, such as information theft.

“This is a lucrative crime. The bot-herder can rent out the network to the highest bidder. Cyber crooks use them for a wide range of criminal activities including downloading malware onto infected computers, distributing spam or phishing messages or causing denial of services. The bot-herder can also use the botnet for their own activities, although this is less common,” said Corrons. Source: Botnet management app exposed

They sure are making it easy, I guess one of use is going to have to create a botnet for good, so we can try to take out the bad botnets.