Windows Server News

Some stuff I ran onto covering different Windows Servers and Operating systems.

A first look: Microsoft Longhorn Server Beta 3 After Microsoft released the Beta 3 version of Microsoft Server, code named Longhorn, Techrepublic shows you the basic installation and configuration screens that are found in Beta 3 of Longhorn.

Testing 1, 2, 3 ? Beta 3 of Windows “Longhorn” Server goes public Microsoft is finally releasing the first public test version, Beta 3, of its Windows Longhorn Server, and they say Beta 3 is “feature complete,” but there will be a near-final release candidate version released before sometime before the launch in 2008.

Windows Home Server installation Pictures of the installation process on Windows Home Server Build 3790.

How do I… Configure Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 Remote Access? Step-by-step procedures to get remote administration installed and configured in your enterprise using Windows Small Business Server.

Microsoft patches nasty DNS server, Exchange flaws Seven groups of patches were released today, fixing 19 bugs. Microsoft rates all seven of the updates as critical, but, everyone should make sure they check out the MS07-026 and MS07-029 updates, which fix flaws in Microsoft Exchange and the Windows DNS, or Domain Name System, server.

Hands on: Windows Server ‘Longhorn’ Beta 3 review Features have been added, including the much-anticipated Windows Server Virtualization code, which was called Hypervisor. There are some small improvements to features that have been on Windows Server for a long time, like Terminal Services, and clustering and server management, with some new capabilities as well, like Server Core and PowerShell.

Microsoft doc names Longhorn as ‘Windows Server 2007′ Microsoft will name the server operating system known as Longhorn, with the name “Windows Server 2007,” according to a document on the company’s site. Man that’s one good name.