Todays Tech Notes

More great technology reads.

The 100 Best Products of 2007 PCWorlds Editors rank the top 100 products of 2007.

Google?s goal to organize your daily life See, now Google is just getting plain scary, they plan on being able to collect all the data they can about us, and be able to answer questions from us like ?What shall I do tomorrow?? and ?What job shall I take?? Might be time to go back offline….

What’s hot today? The hottest products of the moment, the ones that are shown are usually the ones are experiencing surges in searches, like current events, Paris Hilton going to jail, etc. Sounds like an interesting tool.

Proposed National Database Raises Privacy Concerns Experts point out the security risks of the nationwide database of workers’ personal information that would be required under an immigration bill expanding the Employee Eligibility Verification System.

automatically upload a folder of photos to Flickr Say that three times fast. They show you how to have your pictures folder auto magically upload to Flickr whatever you dump in it.

Virtual World Gold Rush? The business of buying businesses is booming once again, but, who’s next?

House passes more tech-friendly antispyware bill In their third effort to enact a federal law targeting spyware, members of the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved criminal penalties aimed at anyone implanting certain types of malicious software on computers. More coverage to come on this one…