Todays Tech

Here are some of the better stories making the rounds.

Joost Gets Jacked Up Joost just closed $45 million in funding. Wow, sounds like it’s time to retire already…

Kevin Rose Rolls Another One Kevin Rose, Leah Culver and Daniel Burka are starting an IM competitor. While he declined comment, the article says this startup should launch later this month.

PCWorld’s Fired Editor in Chief is back They brought back Robert Carrigan and took out Colin Crawford, they will conduct a search for a new CEO.

Windows Vista Beta/Linux IPsec Interop Testing This document provides an overview of Linux IPsec solutions as well as detailed discussions on configuring IPsec-Tools for interoperability scenarios between Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4 and Windows Vista Ultimate Beta.

Java Security Traps Getting Worse At JavaOne last year, Fortify’s Brian Chess discussed how to avoid Java security holes. A year later, with even Sun’s manuals containing code with cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, we’re actually worse off than ever.

Next Gen iPod and iPhone Nano: Full Screen with TouchPanel at the Bottom Why not make a full screen iPod or iPhone Nano, and put an operational touchpanel on the back side? Why not indeed.

April 2007 Key Metrics Released Linden Labs has released the Key Metrics, now through April 2007. They are available again inXLS and ODF format, and also as a Google Document.

Accusations Regarding Child Pornography in Second Life They have already kicked the offenders out and are changing the age verification process, for some silly reason. Since both people who were banned were adult age, and most pedophiles are as well, I don’t understand how changing the age verification process will help anything. Some of the commenters said they had already told LL about stuff like this, but they did nothing at the time.

Virtual rape shakes the blogosphere Police are investigating one, while others start to report it or an attempted virtual rape.

Zune to get wireless downloads, version 2 hardware, flash player All right, the Zune is looking better all the time, can’t wait to try this update out.