Todays Tech 5/21/2007

Some of the interesting technology stories making the rounds today.

Google News: The End of News Indexing As We Know It? Has Google started paying newspaper sites to include their stories? Surely not, but it is making the rounds, Google denies it here, Google Denies New UK News Search Deal saying, “It is categorically no,” said spokesperson Jessica Powell. “We don’t pay to index news content.” Talk about being a big mistake if they did….

Google Coop Embeds Gadgets in Search Results If you have been playing with a Google Coop search engine, I have here, Technology Search Engine, Google is embedding some widgets on certain types of searches.

Ubuntu 7.04 Offering?Technical Details Here is an overview of what to expect from the Dell Ubuntu computer offerings that are coming up.

BenQ Sells Digital Camera Division BenQ Corp. has agreed to sell its digital camera division as part of a broad restructuring aimed at returning to financial health after a disastrous attempt to compete in the global handset business.

Who Will Buy Facebook? Duncan Riley wonders who will buy Facebook and thinks that Google is the logical choice. Meanwhile, Facebook Opens Its Pages
As a Way to Fuel Growth
They are allowing other companies to provide services in the Facebook network and will be able to link to friends and networks. Previously some companies have had pages within Facebook, but they didn’t interact with the Web site’s user networks. This move is significant because it could turn Facebook into a central hub for Web users, akin to an Internet portal like Yahoo Inc. Rather than using Facebook only to keep in touch with friends and going elsewhere for other content, users could now gain access to that content inside Facebook. That could keep people on Facebook for longer periods of time, which would also appeal to advertisers. Makes sense.

Panasonic gooses megapixels, zoom Panasonic announced a new Lumix camera Monday that squeezes a wide-angle lens, a 12.2-megapixel sensor and a novel way of extending zoom lens range into a compact camera.