Todays Security Notes

Lots of security related stuff going on today, or maybe it’s just what I am reading…

Google Acquired a Security Company Google has acquired GreenBorder a security company that created the industry?s first Desktop DMZ software for Windows. It allows users to safely connect anywhere, go to any website, open any Internet email or attachment, and use any downloaded files without worry. Of course you can’t signup now until Google re-brands it, but it will be in beta anyway.

How Long Do Phishing Sites Exist How long is the average phishing site left online and how many people fall for them per day.

Phishing URLs skyrocket The number of phishing Web URLs nearly tripled from March to April, a security group said, as cyber criminals returned to a late-2006 tactic designed to do an end run around browser-based antiphishing filters.

China Crafts Cyber weapons The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) continues to build cyber warfare units and develop viruses to attack enemy computer systems as part of its information-warfare strategy, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) warned in a report released on Friday.

Cyber attack in Estonia–what it really means On April 27, officials in Estonia relocated the “Bronze Soldier,” a Soviet-era war memorial commemorating an unknown Russian who died fighting the Nazis. The move incited rioting by ethnic Russians and the blockading of the Estonian Embassy in Moscow. The event also marked the beginning of a large and sustained distributed denial-of-service attack on several Estonian national Web sites, including those of government ministries and the prime minister’s Reform Party.

Slurpr, the Mother of All Wardrive Boxes I included this little item for everyone who is running a wireless network, this little baby allows you to combine multiple wireless networks for one big pipe, and it can crack lightly encrypted wireless networks. How is that for your security?