NBA Now in Second Life

I just read a post on the SportsByBrooks website, definitely worth a look for all the guys out there, that the NBA has setup a virtual shop in Second Life and commissioner David Stern even had a virtual press conference to announce it.

Sportsbusiness Journal reports the NBA now has its very own league-branded area of Second Life (a game where people create new identities in a virtual world). David Stern held a virtual press conference yesterday within Second Life to announce the venture (uh, I wish this was a joke, but it isn’t):

The turnip-shaped NBA Commissioner said, “We have to be there [in Second Life] because that?s where people are congregating. Our job is to be ubiquitous.”

Stern also said the NBA area will be policed and remain “PG” (Second Life includes adult content). Stern: “Anyone who misbehaves will be subject to discipline by the Commissioner?s avatar.” No I know this is the real deal. Source: NBA Dives Into Basement Dweller Demographic With League Branded Area Of Second Life

Well, as you can read in his post, Brooks is not to high on Second Life, no doubt helped by the back and forth you see on the net over it. Big sites like the New York Times praise Second Life, will others not that there are never as many people online as you would think if 6 million actually used it. But, lots of big brands have been signing on and setting up areas to communicate virtually, but, what most don’t understand is that most Second Lifer’s probably don’t want to interact with them the same way they do in real life and online. It will be interesting to see how long they keep it set up and if anyone uses it or not.