Microsoft Silverlight and Google News

Microsoft Silverlight debuts amid praise and scorn, as always, and Google updates their personalized homepages.

Microsoft “rebooted the Web” yesterday Robert Scoble describes Silverlight as slicker, feels better, and has far better video quality than anything Google can throw at Windows users with YouTube/Flash/etc.

Take Time To Understand Silverlight. It’s Important The announcements around Microsoft?s new Silverlight platform yesterday were important to anyone who is thinking about where the web will evolve. For those of us watching the demos at the Mix conference the immediate importance of it was apparent – Silverlight will be the platform of choice for developers who build rich Internet applications. It makes Flash/Flex look like an absolute toy. After the keynote, the main topic of conversation in the hallways centered on just how effectively Microsoft carried out its execution of Adobe.

Ozzie’s quiet revolution at Microsoft Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s chief software architect, is not one to take extreme views or make outlandish claims. But he is adamantly sure of one thing: a combination of software and online services is the future.

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You’ve got gadget mail For a while now, we Googlers have used a bit of shorthand to refer to the Personalized Homepage — a name that connotes interactivity, the Internet, and personalization all at once. Please meet iGoogle, the new name for the Google Personalized Homepage.

Google’s Personalization Push: iGoogle, Localization, Gadget Maker The announcement last night of iGoogle (the new name for Google Personalized Homepage), Gadget Maker and other localization features, shows that Google is ramping up its personalization efforts once again. Google Blogoscoped has excellent coverage from the Google Personalization Workshop, held yesterday at Mountain View for a select group of local bloggers. In this post we analyze these new features and compare them to Google’s competition in both search and personalized homepages.