Halo 3 News and Nuggets

Halo 3 is fast approaching, tomorrow, more than a million Xbox 360 owners will be able to play an advance version of the system’s biggest game of 2007, Halo 3. Last Friday, a very select few were allowed to play it in a Manhattan nightclub. The beta will consist of three levels the sun-beaten Snowbound, the waterfall and forest area Valhalla and a military-base setting called High Ground. The writer at mtv.com says there are three things everyone must do when playing Halo 3.

“Get a kill with the Spartan Laser. It is the most satisfying thing you’ll ever do.

“Make sure to grab the rocket launcher on high ground. For some reason no one ever gets it. And it’s absolutely lethal on that stage. No one’s figured that out.

“Make sure you ride in a Mongoose [ATV] with someone, so you can bond in your weaponless bullet-sponge of a vehicle.”

Is there anything you can really accomplish with that last one?

“Just chattin’,” O’Connor cheerfully replied. That might be the only moment of “Halo 3″ calm available in the next three weeks. Source: ‘Halo 3′ Sneak Peek: Three Things Every Beta Player Must Do

Here is a listing of some of the new weapons and devices that will be available.

The powerful Spartan laser can be used to stop vehicles. This directed energy weapon’s battery conservation scheme requires user to “paint” its target during a brief charge lag. A zoomed scope will assist in aiming. It’s slow, but one of the most powerful portable armaments in the UNSC arsenal.

A bubble shield creates a Sue Storm-like protective bubble around you preventing weapon fire. Its spherical shape is large enough to protect a small group, but users, or more importantly, enemy troops, can pass through it on foot or in vehicles.

A portable gravity lift propels you airborne to strategic heights and hard-to-get spots. The GravLift emits a column of directed anti-gravity force — a Covenant technology whose physics may be borrowed from Forerunner scavenging. This device is a simple but effective means of giving materiel or troops a quick vertical lift.

Man Cannons are stationary air lifts at certain locations which propel you to different locations. They can “shoot” men or vehicles.

Spike grenades can be thrown to stick onto opponents and the environment. New defensive tools include energy drainers and trip mines.

The Mongoose four-wheeled ATV holds two Spartans.

A new game play mode called “VIP” makes one player on a team the most important target — the team can’t be defeated unless he?s snuffed out.

Two new single-use items that can be used offensively or defensively include the Energy Drain and Tripmine. Energy Drain is a short-range magnetic induction effect causing disastrous failure of powered field systems within a set radius. It also has a damaging effect on biological systems and can wound or kill most bipeds. Basically, if you see it, get away quick.

The Tripmine reacts to pressure or movement. It has a slight magnetic impulse that will attack it to vehicles, turning them into deadly traps, or it can be placed on the ground to take care of careless interlopers. The mine has two states — inactive and active — learning to see and hear the difference can be a matter of life or death. Source: Fans can take a shot at ‘Halo 3′ online for brief time

Here are some Halo 3 Screenshots from USAToday.

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