Google Related Goodness

Not to say Google is all goodness and light, because they are not, it’s just an expression. Lots of Google News, as always, here are some of today?s.

My life without Google James Thomas documents what his life is like without Google, he feels they are collecting too much information that the government is going to get a hold of one day and possibly use against you. Never mind the fact that your local ISP, your friendly social networks, and big bookmarking sites are already selling your data to anyone with cash.

Google preparing to police web Looks like Google is preparing to mark websites in their serps that are serving up malware and other stuff that is harmful to users computers. A study by Google and Provos has discovered that there are over 450,000 web pages that are launching drive-by downloads of malware and another 700,000 web pages that launch downloads of suspicious software. Here is a PDF that talks about exactly that, The Ghost in the Browser, an Analysis of Web Based Malware.

Google launches Google Reader for the Wii A RSS feed reader for the Nintendo Wii. Check it out here.

Some updates from Google Finance Google is updating the Google Finance section adding earnings calls, analyst meetings, and any other material event on your company and portfolio pages, all of which you can add to your handy, dandy Google Calendar. They are also adding historical prices, and portfolios, and they have added ticker symbols to the results pages in Google News which you can click on and go to that finance page.

You’re a Nobody Unless Your Name Googles Well Don’t worry about me, I am all over mine.

First Look – Google Analytics Launches New Interface and Reporting Google is fixing up Google Analytics a little adding many new features including a new design, customized reports, email reporting and a plain language approach to labeling.

Google Analytics Is Re-Launched: Do These Five Things First In V2 Another good write-up on the new Google Analytics, including five things to do first.