ABC Island Bombed in Second Life

I guess we should file this under something you only see online. The ABC Island was bombed by hackers in Second Life, wiping out months of work overnight. Linden Labs was able to do a rollback this afternoon to restore most of what was destroyed, no word on what exactly was lost.

The head of ABC Innovation, Abigail Thomas, told the website that the facility had been “bombed”.

“We will now be looking closely at security measures, investigating how the hackers breached the existing security and, of course, making changes to protect the Island’s future development,” Ms Thomas said in a statement. Source: Vandals ‘bomb’ Second Life island

It was not mentioned who could’ve done this in the news article, the Second Life Liberation Army has done similar things in the past to get some press, and while one would think bombing your island would be a bad thing, people seem to like having something worth bombing to start with. The most famous such event so far was when vandals unleashed images of flying phalluses into a meeting attended by a Chinese property developer, making her abandon the event.