1900 Windows Tweaks and Tips

Windows X-Setup Pro
Just read this post at PC World that reminded me what a great utility that X-Setup Pro is, it covers all versions of Windows operating systems, including 98, 2000, 2003, NT, XP and even Vista. It is a piece of cake to use, you can search for tweaks by function, etc, and easily deploy or restore the old settings if a change causes trouble. From PC World,

The program’s been around a long time. I first wrote about it in 1999 when it was Xteq’s X-Setup, and was the ultimate free tool for black-belt system tuning and tweaking. The tool went beyond TweakUI and similar utilities. From simple boot options up to server settings and hardware settings, X-Setup allowed you to change more than 400 hidden functions with some simple button clicks.

The latest version is 9.0 and it’s now it’s called X-Setup Pro. The tool is substantially improved and can now change 1900 hidden functions in Windows versions 98 through Vista. You’ll learn something, too, because all the tweaks have full explanations. And it’s safe because you can reverse any change; you can also configure the program to warn you if the tweak is the least bit risky. Source: Windows Tweaks and E-Mail Tips

1900 separate tweaks with the explanation of what you are doing right there, and you can even have the program warn you if a particular tweak is risky or not. From the X-Setup Pro website,

Using X-Setup Pro Wizards you can change your system in a step-by-step process – that’s as easy as A-B-C. If you prefer to go with X-Setup Pro Classic, that’s no problem at all: By using an Explorer-like layout and the famous back and next buttons (you already know from your Internet browser) navigation between plugins is very simple.

X-Setup Pro is the most complete tweaker ever available: over 1,900 hidden functions (for Windows, Internet Explorer, Instant Messaging, Office, Explorer appearance, Server options, Network settings, Security…) can be controlled with some simple button clicks! Source: X-Setup Pro 9.0 Features

X-Setup Pro has many great features, you can copy it to a USB drive and change settings on any computer that you own, but the Restore Log also works when using X-Setup Pro Portable, so it won’t be easy to roll back the settings, but if these are settings that you saved and you’ve had no trouble with, then it should be no problem. Speaking of the restore log, if your system crashes and will no longer boot, you can use the program and Bart PE to create a boot disk that will allow you to boot up windows and restore your registry, if need be, but, no matter what, you will be able to boot it up to see.

You can use scripting to run some plugins without installing it, there are many, many plugins available, it has many different language translations, there are many people from all over the world using this program, it automatically updates itself, you can load registry files or even portions of registry files, and with the search function, you can seek and tweak at any time.

Now, I just need to buy a copy and give it a proper review.