Windows Vista’s Help is, Well, Helpful

Dwight Silverman of the TechBlog says Windows Vista has help that’s actually helpful. In lots of situations there will be a link that just says do it automatically and one that shows you how to do it yourself.

If you’ve never looked at previous versions of Windows’ help pages — and judging from the e-mails I get, most folks don’t! — then that might seem like an odd statement. But Microsoft has never been particularly good at providing usable, clear and thorough documentation inside its operating system. That’s one reason why computer books about Windows sell so well.

But Vista is different. Not only are its help files excellent, but they’ll actually take some steps for you, rather than just show you how to do something. Source: Vista has help that’s actually helpful

In XP I think Microsoft did a good job of incorporating their online help files, and this continues in Windows Vista, you can actually see all the online documentation here, Windows Vista Help and How-To.