Windows Vista News

As we noted yesterday the CPP versions of Windows Vista will expire on May 18, 2007. Want to know what happens after that? Vista betas, RCs will reboot every 2 hours starting June 1 So, every two hours your pc will reboot, but it should give you enough time to make arrangements with your data. Also, there will be no price breaks and users will have to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate, which costs $259.

Vista’s Internet Connectivity Eval Tool I recently got a new router and was wondering if it was using some of the advanced features of Windows Vista, like faster downloading and better use of NAT and UPnP (helps with connecting computers, especially with gaming). The Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool will check your router and let you know what it supports and what it doesn’t. There is also a list of Vista certified logo routers.

More on Vista’s Internet Connectivity Evaluation tool. Check out the Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool The Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool runs the following set of tests on your router, Basic Internet Connectivity Test, Network Address Translator Type, Traffic Congestion Test, TCP High Performance Test, UPnP Support Test, and the Multiple Simultaneous Connection States Test. At the end of the test, you can get a detailed report of the test’s findings. If your router doesn’t pass the tests, the site gives you recommendations on other routers that are Certified for Windows Vista. Give it a try and see how your current hardware stacks up.

Windows Vista Gadgets Competition on Code Project – final results Last month we posted an update to the Windows Vista Gadgets Competition on Code Project. Now that the competition is complete, the team behind it would like to thank everyone who entered. The goal of the contest was to deliver 20 quality Sidebar Gadgets; we surpassed our goal considerably with a total of 29 gadget entries. The source code for the top 10 gadgets was downloaded by about 159,000 developers.

Windows Vista Hardware Assessment v2.0 Beta Program Now Open! Good news! The Windows Vista Hardware Assessment v2.0 Beta Program is now open for registration! Please join our beta program and test drive new features including OU-targeting, machine names import, localized UI/readiness reports and more.

Vista Hands On #16: A smarter way to manage System Restore space Case in point: I?ve seen at least 10 sites this week echo a tip that shows how to use an obscure command-line tool to trim the amount of disk space Windows Vista sets aside for System Restore. But is this good advice? Before you start chopping, make sure you understand the facts and the alternatives.