Windows Vista News and Nuggets

Another crop of news concerning Windows Vista.

Microsoft’s Vista sales boost 3Q profit Shares of Microsoft Corp. soared nearly 5 percent Friday, after the company posted a 65 percent jump in third-quarter profit, boosted by sales of its new Windows Vista operating system and Office 2007, and by upgrade coupons issued over the holidays.

Vista Security Security experts still proclaim Vista a major improvement over previous Windows versions, and readily say that its important new safety features–including an improved firewall, a “Protected Mode” for Internet Explorer, and User Account Control–make it much more resistant to the most common forms of spyware and malware. However, this latest flaw (now fixed) is a major black eye for Microsoft.

0wning Vista from the boot Federico Biancuzzi interviews Nitin and Vipin Kumar, authors of VBootkit, a rootkit that is able to load from Windows Vista boot-sectors. They discuss the “features” of their code, the support of the various versions of Vista, the possibility to place it inside the BIOS (it needs around 1,500 bytes), and the chance to use it to bypass Vista’s product activation or avoid DRM.

Windows Vista = Windows Me II? Is Windows Vista going to be a repeat of the Windows Me marketing and sales disaster that Microsoft experienced back in 2000? Say it aint so.

Ubuntu Linux Vs. Windows Vista: The Battle For Your Desktop Is Linux finally ready to take on Windows as a desktop OS? We tried out both Vista and Ubuntu on individual PCs to see which works better. Here’s who won. Ubuntu’s best strength is handling the ordinary task-based day-to-day stuff. Vista has a level of completeness and polish that some people find it hard to do without.