Windows Vista News 4/03/07

Here is some of the latest Windows Vista news.

Blogger posts Windows Vista SP1 fixes on Web site A blogger, who says he receives fixes from someone inside of Microsoft, has been posting the fixes that will be included in Windows Vista Service Pack 1, or sp1 for short. He currently has over 100 patches listed.

Top 10 Windows Vista annoyances This writer has been using Windows Vista for at least a year and has posted her top ten annoyances in Windows Vista.

How to Maximize Performance in Windows Vista Windows Vista is made for looks and security, this article helps you speed it up and get a better performance out of it.

Microsoft sued over Windows Vista marketing A lawsuit alleges that Microsoft Corp. engaged in deceptive practices by letting PC makers promote computers as “Windows Vista Capable” even if they couldn’t run the new operating system’s “signature” features.

Microsoft’s Windows Vista In At Department Of Interior Some government agencies are waiting to deploy Windows Vista, but not the Department Of Interior, they are migrating their entire 70,000 user base.

Vista Hands On #14: Access shared folders from a Linux machine How to connect from a Linux machine to a shared folder on a PC running Windows Vista.

Ten Reasons why you should upgrade to Windows Vista 10 really good reasons why you should upgrade to Windows Vista.