Tom’s Hardware Guide Sold

Popular technology site Tom’s Hardware Guide has been sold, for an undisclosed sum to an as yet undisclosed buyer.

Tech professionals-focused news and info network Tom?s Hardware Guide (and its parent company TG Publishing) has been sold, has learned. The sale was confirmed by TG CEO Omid Rahmat in an e-mail to the Inquirer. We have an e-mail query into Rahmat as well.
We couldn?t confirm the buyer, but one name that cropped up through our sources was French B2B tech media company BestofMedia Group.
The first site THG was founded in 1996 by Dr. Thomas Pabst, a German, and the company focuses on news and information for IT professionals, early adopters and technology innovators. It has since expanded operations in the United States, Europe and Asia and features subsidiary sites in eight languages, this Wikipedia history says. Other sites published by the company include GearDigest, MobilityGuru, TwitchGuru, among others. Source: IT Professionals Network Tom?s Hardware Guide Sold

The site has definitely grown over the years, lets all hope that nothing changes on the site, as some of these website purchases can really hurt a network of sites like Tom’s Hardware, as people leave and move on it can leave big holes in the great coverage that we are used to.