Todays Tech News

Here are some interesting posts making the rounds.

Judge puts halt on new Vonage customers Today, a judge ordered Vonage to stop accepting new customers while it continues to infringe on Verizon’s patent covering Internet phone calls.

Rogers Traffic Shaping Making It Difficult For Users To Use Secure Email Canadian ISP Rogers has decided that encrypted traffic is bad, because users are encrypting their connections to stop their traffic shaping, and is slowing down such connections to free up bandwidth. So, if you use a VPN to connect to work or to make sure no one can just look at your data, you’re going to be disappointed.

VMWare Fusion Beta 3 is out VMWare has released the latest version of their Fusion Beta, which is supposed to have better integration with Bootcamp.

Intel to unveil new UMPC platform Intel will be releasing a new ultra mobile PC platform at IDF Beijing, on April 18.

Using Even New PCs Is Ruined by a Tangle Of Trial Programs, Ads Walt Mossberg bought a new laptop and discovered that companies like Sony are trying to make some extra money by installing trial programs, like AOL and Napster, to get you to buy them. Sony even installed three full length movies on his hard drive that he had to buy before he watched. Talk about a waste of time and space.

Hackers Dissect Apple TV to Create the Cheapest Mac Ever Enterprising individuals hack an Apple TV and install OS X to make the cheapest PC Apple has ever sold.

VeriSign to raise domain fees VeriSign has announced that they are raising domain fees by 7% per year, a move that will net them an extra 25 million per year, a raise that they will be able to give themselves every year from now on.