Todays Tech

Here are some of the more talked about tech stories today on the net.

Intel announces “Core 2 Duo on steroids” – automatic overclocking They are calling this latest processor Core 2 Duo but really it’s Core 2 Duo on steroids. It is going to be way more powerful because of the Enhanced Dynamic Acceleration Technology, some are calling it automatic overclocking, but it is not really overclocking, it just pumps up the speed of a single processor when running a single threaded application.

Could Vonage Sprint to an Exit? A Sprint buyout of Vonage is on the table, Vonage is in talks to resolve patent disputes over VOIP technologies.

Windows Media Player on Firefox A new plug-in allows Firefox users to use Windows Media Player, again.

Xbox 360 Notebook Computer Converter Announced A portable Xbox 360? Not hardly, but you can take it and play it anywhere with this add-on LCD screen, you just need power to run it.

Better Gmail Firefox extension To save you the time, I’ve compiled the best Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail into one handy Firefox extension, called Better Gmail. After the jump, put your Gmail on steroids with Better Gmail.

Hacking Ubuntu to Improve Performance This feature includes various hacks to boost Ubuntu’s performance, such as viewing running processes, identifying resources, finding process startups, tuning kernel parameters, and speeding up boot time.