Review of Apple Boot Camp 1.2 Beta

Paul Thurrot has a review of Apple’s latest version of Boot Camp, 1.2 beta, this version includes support for Windows Vista. So, he tests it with Windows Vista and Media Center and details a few of the little quirks and problems he has, but, it sounds like it worked pretty good.

As with the initial Boot Camp release, the process of installing this software, and an associated version of Windows, is a multi-step process. Since last year, I’ve purchased an Apple MacBook notebook computer, so I used this system to install Boot Camp 1.2 Beta. And since I’d been holding out hope that I could run Windows Vista on an Intel-based Mac ever since Apple announced the switch a few years back, this seemed like the logical time to see whether that dream could come true.

Despite some small issues, Boot Camp 1.2 Beta is an excellent solution for running Windows and OS X on the same machine. Apple has done an exemplary job of improving this useful software over the past year, and now that it supports Vista as well, I have no compunction in recommending it whole-heartedly. If you’ve been eyeing one of those beautiful Macintoshes over at the Apple Store but don’t want to give up all the useful Windows software you use, you now have one less reason not to give it a shot. With Boot Camp 1.2 Beta, today’s Macs provide the best of both worlds: You get Mac OS X, with its high-quality iLife suite of digital media solutions, and Windows, with its unsurpassed gaming and application libraries, all in one box. That’s the kind of switch I could easily rally around. Source: Apple Boot Camp 1.2 Beta Review

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