“Pioneer” Lawyer Blames Video Games for Virginia Tech Shootings

“Pioneer” Jack Thompson blames video games for the recent shootings on the Virginia Tech campus, he says Seung-Hui Cho had to be a video gamer. Why? Apparently he hates video games and he’s not going to take it anymore. Even though no video game consoles or video games were confiscated, and even though his roommate had never seen him play a video game, Thompson says it’s a no brainer.

When Jack Thompson gets worked up, he refers to gamers as “knuckleheads.” He calls video games “mental masturbation.”

When he’s talking about himself and his crusade against violent games, he calls himself an “educator.” He likes to use the word “pioneer.”

“This is not rocket science. When a kid who has never killed anyone in his life goes on a rampage and looks like the Terminator, he’s a video gamer,” he told MSNBC.com.

“He might have killed somebody but he wouldn’t have killed 32 if he hadn’t rehearsed it and trained himself like a warrior on virtual reality. It can’t be done. It just doesn’t happen.” Source: Were video games to blame for massacre? Pundits rushed to judge industry, gamers in the wake of shooting

Man, I wonder what it’s like to know so much about people he’s never met. This guy is so sure he’s right it’s pathetic, giving morons like this air time just makes him more of an “expert” about this stuff, so this will be the last most from me. Chris Mathews does try to get him to say whether he knows for sure about what he did, and says he is projecting stuff from five years ago, and he makes it sound like everything he talks about is absolutely true. Watch the video at the bottom of this page and make your own decisions. Here is a good quote from the article.

“We are normal people,” Johnson says. “We just play games.”

Added: GamePolitics.com says it is a media Jacklash, that media outlets are pushing back against Jack Thompson’s claims about the shooter being a gamer.

But the wheels started coming off Thompson?s agenda-driven bus on Wednesday afternoon. That?s when Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC?s Hardball program basically shut Thompson down, telling him on national T.V. that his video game claims were nothing more than theory, and not well-supported theory at that. Source: Jacklash?? Mainstream Media Skeptical of Thompson Game Violence Claims