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Latest Version of Vista Perfection Theme

Good looking theme for Vista, Vista Perfection. Visit VistaPerfection X4 Msstyles available for StyleXp and WindowsBlinds.

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World of Warcraft Video Tutorials and Walk Throughs

Just added a bunch of World or Warcraft, or WOW for short, video tutorials and walk throughs.

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Hackers Using USB Drives to Spread Banking Malware

Boy, if this isn’t a good idea for some hackers to implement, then I don’t know what is. They have left USB drives in a London car park in hopes that users will carry them home and insert them into a USB drive, infecting their computers with the malware they have created to steal login id’s and password to the users online banks.

Banking Trojans are written for profit and sold through Russian language websites and elsewhere for between $2,000 and $5,000. Two of the main groups of Trojan malware authors – Corpse and SE-Code – are based in Russia and “market” the Haxdoor and Apophis strains of banking Trojans. An unknown Russian speaking virus writer group is behind Torpig, another banking Trojan family. Malicious code variants of the Bancos Trojan are sold by an unnamed group in Brazil. Source: Hackers debut malware loaded USB ruse

A commenter suggested checking out this webpage from Dark Reading, Social Engineering, the USB Way in which a bank asked them to try to social engineer their way on the banks network to test out their employees. The employees even knew they were going to be tested, the gentleman from Secure Network Technologies Inc created a program that collected userids and passwords, loaded it onto USB drives and left them in the parking lot, smoking areas and other places that employees went and waited to see what happened. They almost immediately started receiving data as 15 of the 20 USB drives were found and inserted into users computers.

This may prove hard to beat, as people finding a USB drive will want to plug it into their computers to see what is on it. Very interesting.

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Windows Vista News

As we noted yesterday the CPP versions of Windows Vista will expire on May 18, 2007. Want to know what happens after that? Vista betas, RCs will reboot every 2 hours starting June 1 So, every two hours your pc will reboot, but it should give you enough time to make arrangements with your data. Also, there will be no price breaks and users will have to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate, which costs $259.

Vista’s Internet Connectivity Eval Tool I recently got a new router and was wondering if it was using some of the advanced features of Windows Vista, like faster downloading and better use of NAT and UPnP (helps with connecting computers, especially with gaming). The Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool will check your router and let you know what it supports and what it doesn’t. There is also a list of Vista certified logo routers.

More on Vista’s Internet Connectivity Evaluation tool. Check out the Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool The Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool runs the following set of tests on your router, Basic Internet Connectivity Test, Network Address Translator Type, Traffic Congestion Test, TCP High Performance Test, UPnP Support Test, and the Multiple Simultaneous Connection States Test. At the end of the test, you can get a detailed report of the test’s findings. If your router doesn’t pass the tests, the site gives you recommendations on other routers that are Certified for Windows Vista. Give it a try and see how your current hardware stacks up.

Windows Vista Gadgets Competition on Code Project – final results Last month we posted an update to the Windows Vista Gadgets Competition on Code Project. Now that the competition is complete, the team behind it would like to thank everyone who entered. The goal of the contest was to deliver 20 quality Sidebar Gadgets; we surpassed our goal considerably with a total of 29 gadget entries. The source code for the top 10 gadgets was downloaded by about 159,000 developers.

Windows Vista Hardware Assessment v2.0 Beta Program Now Open! Good news! The Windows Vista Hardware Assessment v2.0 Beta Program is now open for registration! Please join our beta program and test drive new features including OU-targeting, machine names import, localized UI/readiness reports and more.

Vista Hands On #16: A smarter way to manage System Restore space Case in point: I?ve seen at least 10 sites this week echo a tip that shows how to use an obscure command-line tool to trim the amount of disk space Windows Vista sets aside for System Restore. But is this good advice? Before you start chopping, make sure you understand the facts and the alternatives.

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Computer Security News

Here is a roundup of some of the top security stories on the net.

Amero sentencing pushed back to mid-May The scheduled sentencing for Julie Amero, the former Connecticut middle school teacher found guilty of exposing her students to internet pornography pop-ups, was pushed back again today – this time to May 18. These guys must be trying to regroup or something to keep from looking stupid when they get back into court.

The real security threats facing businesses Video of Mark Sunner, chief security analyst at MessageLabs, discussing some of the security problems businesses will have to deal with, like Next-generation bots, new scales of Trojans and the interweaving of social engineering.

Hackers tailor malware to individual businesses Video of F-Secure’s Hypponen talking about how high-profile businesses now face an evolution of traditional malware attacks as hackers write malicious code designed specifically to break through their defences, with antivirus unable to spot such intrusions.

Infosecurity: Convergence of spam and viruses detected in new attack Hackers have launched an attack that combines spam and viruses in a new global campaign, according to the latest report from MessageLabs.

Kaspersky: Mac and Linux viruses to rise “significantly” According to security expert Eugene Kaspersky, we are at the brink of seeing a significant rise in malware attacks on Mac and Linux platforms. So, are hackers ready to target a broad range of platforms or is this merely hyperbole from a security firm that wants to sell products?

Beware Of Google AdWords Account Hacks via Computer Exploit It appears that some external program gained access to his computer. The program then logged into his AdWords account, set up several ads that redirected to “places like and” and also tried to install “activex remote desktop program” on those computers through the redirects (to infect other computers). Then it blocked access for that computer to login into AdWords by setting the local host files to (which means if someone on that computer tries accessing, they get a not found). This prevents this computer from logging into Google AdWords to see if changed have been made to the account.

‘Evil twin’ Wi-Fi access points proliferate That’s the term for a Wi-Fi access point that appears to be a legitimate one offered on the premises, but actually has been set up by a hacker to eavesdrop on wireless communications among Internet surfers. Unfortunately, experts say there is little consumers can do to protect themselves, but enterprises may be in better shape.

5 Cheap But Effective Tips To Improve Security Periodically check for rogue wireless access points, plus four other simple, yet inexpensive, improvements you can implement to boost the security of your enterprise.

Web threats to surpass e-mail pests By next year, Internet users can expect more cyberattacks to originate from the Web than via e-mail, security firm Trend Micro predicts.

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Tech News – Google and MySQL, Newsvine

Newsvine Relaunch Today: Build Your Own News Site Seattle-based news site Newsvine will relaunch this afternoon with significant changes to the user experience. They?re calling the release ?Evergreen.? Among the changes: like Netvibes, Pageflakes and other personalized homepages, users will now be able to move most modules on the Newsvine home page around, or delete them altogether. Users can also add whatever news feeds they want to the home page by adding a RSS feed module. Okay, starting my own here tips.

Google releases patches that enhance the manageability and reliability of MySQL We think MySQL is a fantastic data storage solution, and as our projects push the requirements for the database in certain areas, we’ve made changes to enhance MySQL itself, mainly in the areas of high availability and manageability. We would love for the some of these changes to be merged with the official MySQL release, but until then we felt strongly that anyone should have access to them, thus we have released the changes with a GPL license for the MySQL community to use and review.

Windows Vista Beta 2, RC1 and RC2 set to expire On 31 May 2007, all Customer Preview Program (CPP) pre-release versions of Windows Vista will expire. If you are running a pre-release version of Windows Vista (Beta 2, RC1 or RC2), you will begin to receive warning notifications about the upcoming expiration on 18 May. To avoid work disruption and loss of data, we strongly recommend that customers running any of these pre-release versions of Windows Vista migrate their PCs to the final version of Windows Vista prior to 31 May.

April 2007 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista Microsoft has released the April 2007 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista. This update contains several improvements, and it resolves several issues. This cumulative update is intended for computers that are running Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate.

Blogs Now Infested With Offensive Content The Net’s blog sites are overgrown with a variety of unpleasant content, including porn, offensive language, hate posting, and malware, says a new threat analysis.

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Todays Tech

Some more of the notable, and not so notable, news running about today.

Hack Attack: Control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse This is one great post, and something I will definitely be trying out at work and at home.

Cracking open the Microsoft Zune Portable media players are all the rage. View this gallery for an inside look at Microsoft’s new Zune. From the device’s packaging to its software and the device itself, here’s what you get (and how it works) when you buy a Zune.

Cracking open the Linksys WRT54G wireless router The Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router is one of the most common 802.11g devices deployed, a favorite of everyone from Linux fans to Windows users. Take a look inside what powers this ubiquitous device.

Wi-fi? Why worry? While the heating effects of high exposures to electromagnetic radiation can be damaging, the power levels of wireless connections are much lower than the microwave ovens and mobile phones which share the frequency range, and treating them in the same way is the worst sort of scaremongering.

An Open Letter to Apple from a Lifelong Gamer Mac convert asks Apple to make some good games.

Microsoft, Trying to Avoid a European Fine, Defends Demand for Royalties Microsoft, seeking to avoid another multimillion-dollar fine in its antitrust battle with the European Commission, filed documents with competition officials yesterday defending its demand to be paid royalties for releasing some software code to competitors.

9 ways ColdFusion 8 will rule web development Ben Forta and Adobe are getting into full swing with ColdFusion 8 Scorpio Pre-Release tour. Last night Ben gave us in Seattle a taste of things to come. Here is why it will kick the tar balls out of everything else on the market.

Intel cuts server and desktop CPU prices Intel has published price cuts of up to 40% for is 3000-sequence uni-processor server CPUs and updated its desktop CPU lineup with lower prices and new products.

WIRED journo won’t do email interviews–ironic A WIRED journalist pinged me for some comments on Michael Arrington and his A-list blogger status. I told the journalist to send me the questions by email and he refused. He said Dave Winer did the same thing.

Calacanis Won’t Do Phone Interview Jason McCabe Calacanis is complaining about a Wired reporter who wants to do an interview with him, but refuses to do it via email. He says it’s “ironic” that a magazine covering the digital age refuses to use email for its interviews.

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PC Games on the Rebound and GRAW and GRAW2

It’s not all about consoles anymore. PC Games are making a comeback, personally, I’ve always liked the PC games better, for the most part, games like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and Gears of War are definitely better on the consoles, like the Xbox 360, but games like Age of Empires, Civilization, etc are much better on the PC. A nice write-up in the Nytimes, PC Games, Once Down, Show Signs of Rebound, that talks about one of the most popular PC games of all time, World of Warcraft, and how it is helping bring a surge in PC Games sales again.

Not so long ago, PC titles were the mainstay of video gaming, but they have slumped in recent years, overshadowed by a new generation of game consoles. Now they are showing signs of a comeback.

Most prominent has been the strength of one of the most popular video games ever for PCs, World of Warcraft, a role-playing online adventure game that now has more than eight million subscribers.

But retail sales of other titles are on the rebound as well. PC manufacturers and chipmakers are promoting the game-playing prowess of ever more powerful computers. And Microsoft has inaugurated a program aimed at making PC gaming more attractive, incorporating console-like features and easier online play.

Another thing that is helping is better online play, like with WOW, and Microsoft is integrating PC gaming into Xbox Live, calling it Games for Windows – Live. Under Windows Vista, Vista evaluates the computer and gives it a system score that they can use to look at video games in the store to see if it will run well on their computer or not, to help ease the frustration of being a brand new game only to realize it will not run well or at all or their computer. They are also allowing games to use their controllers that come with their consoles, using a simple $20 adapter, so you can use your Xbox 360 controllers to play a PC game, something I have been wanting to try out. So, the barrier to playing PC games has really fallen, helping spur PC game sales.

I just added over 100 Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Videos, as well as a bunch of the original Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, or GRAW2 and GRAW as they are sometimes referred to. Some are listed below. More after the jump.

Read more…

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Windows Vista Tips Videos

Added a bunch of new Windows Vista Videos, a bunch of which are tips or how to’s. Check em out.

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Wifi Mesh in London, Wifi Sharing on Time Warner, and Fast Roaming 802.11r

Lots of wireless networking in the news today.

Honey, there?s a guy in the yard using our Wi-Fi and he wants a decaf latte While most Internet service providers don?t allow users to share access on their wireless networks, Time Warner Cable, in cooperation with Spanish start-up Fon, is encouraging customers to set up their own residential hotspots. Fon builds a router that splits a Wi-Fi connection in two ? one private, for the owner, and one public; the owner allocates the bandwidth available for each.

Does London Have a Reason to Mesh? London is officially jumping on the mesh Wi-Fi bandwagon today with operator The Cloud switching on the 127-node network built with BelAir Networks gear. With some of the large-scale Wi-Fi networks like Taipei?s slow to bring in a significant amount of users, it?s becoming clear that networks need to be built for a variety of specific uses like public safety, or smartly targeted at a population that will actually utilize Wi-Fi services. It?s not as easy as ?build it and they will come.?

Wi-Fi cloaks the City of London The service, launched Monday by The Cloud Networks, uses mesh technology to provide continuous connectivity to more than 350,000 users located in the 2.6-square kilometer city borough, in addition to the thousands of people visiting the area each day.

Wi-Fi-Sharing Communities Rise Up The Wi-Fi business is about to change, big time. One indication: A deal between FON and Time Warner Cable. The cable company agreed to allow its customers to share their bandwidth through FON’s global Wi-Fi sharing community, whose users can use each other’s Wi-Fi access points for free.

Fon Loops in Time-Warner in First US Deal Time Warner Cable will allow its 6.6m broadband subscribers to share their connections via Fon: The Spanish startup has based its strategy on leveraging existing broadband connections, and, in fact, pitching to ISPs that more connections would be installed as a result of Fon?s approach. Fon turns its members??Foneros?access points into hotspots that cost about $2 or ?2 for access. You can also share your Fon hotspot at no cost to a like group of Foneros.

802.11r: Wireless LAN Fast Roaming For Wi-fi to serve as a foundation for mobile applications and voice, networks must provide secure mobility. And to achieve that, mobile devices need robust authentication and encryption, fast roaming and QoS (quality of service). Enterprise IT pros should pay attention to the IEEE’s 802.11r fast-roaming task group, whose standard is likely to make its way to market by late 2007 or early 2008, with broad adoption by enterprise solution providers in 2008.

Public Wi-Fi may turn your life into an open notebook Several tables away was a guy sitting alone with his own laptop. “He’s starting a business,” Cheung said. And the young couple in the far corner? “They’re getting married,” he confided. Cheung isn’t psychic. He had hacked into the coffee shop’s wireless Internet connection on his Toshiba laptop. It took him all of about five minutes to do so, using free software available online.

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