NetQOS Network Monitoring Tool

TechCrunch has an interesting post on a new network monitoring tool that gives a visual representation of your network traffic. NetQOS was created by the people from which is run by network performance management experts, with a wide variety of content and contributions from highly regarded network professionals and industry analysts. This is interesting, it is just unfortunate that it is not available to anyone yet, and they have no plans to release it, but ask that you contact them if you think this will fill a need.

NetQoS has a little something to bring video game-style drama to the hum drum task of monitoring your system traffic. Their program, Netcosm monitors the traffic flowing across your routers and remasters that data into entertaining clashes of good and evil data packets like the one you see above. The only question is whether your system admin with find it more entertaining to see your system get ?Slash dotted? than do anything about it. Source: Watch Your Network Play Space Invaders

From their FAQ,

SuperAgent captures and analyzes data in 5 minute increments. This representation takes that 5 minute analysis and recreates traffic that symbolizes what happened within that 5 minute timeframe. Each 5 minute segment takes only 10 or 15 seconds to represent, so Netcosm loops through the last 3 hours of gathered data and represents it in a space-like setting.

NetQoS SuperAgent is the end-to-end performance monitoring product of the NetQoS Performance Center product suite. SuperAgent analyzes end-to-end application response time passively from every network location to the data center, giving IT organizations visibility into how well the network infrastructure is delivering applications to end users across the enterprise. SuperAgent enables IT organizations to solve problems faster, validate the impact of change, and report the quality of service by:

  • Isolating response time delays to the network, server, or application
  • Launching automatic investigations into problems
  • Measuring the impact of infrastructure changes and reporting service level quality for internal users and external service providers

Source: New developments in alarms and alerts for network monitoring

So, this announcement at TechCrunch was just to get some network professionals interested and see if they can get in any interest in releasing it as a tool. Bah. Why get us excited about something and then not give it to us? I would like to see what my network traffic looks like, but I probably won’t be hanging around waiting on it. A video demonstration is posted below.