Julie Amero Sentencing Delayed Again

I forgot to post this the other day, but, the Julie Amero case has been delayed again, this time without a reason given, but, hopefully, it is to help her case. It has been delayed until April 26, 2007 in the Norwich Superior Court. The Norwhich Bulletin, the local “newspaper”, is still spinning it like she was some drooling pervert and we are her fervent supporters.

Amero has been portrayed by her growing number of fervent supporters as the helpless victim of pop-up pornography ads.

Amero never denied the porn appeared on the computer. She said she had done everything she could to prevent the children from seeing the computer screen that day. The examination of her computer showed she had accessed the Internet for nearly the entire school day, with porn sites accessed for several hours during that time. Source: Amero sentencing put off until April

Sorry Greg, but it is awful easy for people who know computers to pick out some bullshit information and call someone on it, like when Lounsbury, the gentleman who did the wonderful forensics job on the computer, said “You have to physically click on it to get to those sites”. Hello, red flag, it just records every website visited, it doesn’t matter how it was initiated. Anyway, good luck Julie, hopefully Alex Eckelberry and some of the other computer experts can help you get away from the Keystone cops.

In a related story, apparently, students at the Hebron elementary school were sent home a link that was supposed to go to a farm they were going to visit on a field trip, but, as things sometimes go on the Internet, it didn’t turn out that way. Instead, up popped a porn site that had bought the domain name after it was accidentally allowed to expire.

Vasquez said that instead of seeing images of the farm, her daughter found graphic sexual images on the site.

Vasquez said she informed the school, which then sent out letters to the students’ parents, trying to explain what had happened.

Superintendent Ellie Cruz said that the school checked the site a few weeks ago and it was fine, but the farm did not renew its Web site address, and a pornographic company bought it. Source: Students Sent Home With X-Rated Web Link

Wonder who is going to jail for this flub up?