Gears of War COG Tag Strategy Videos

Major Nelson has posted some blog posts about some strategy guides they have for sell on Xbox Live, this one, BradyGames Gears of War COG Tag Locations strategy videos (5) is for Gears of War Cog Tag locations. Lots of comments on that post, mostly how there are already guides available for free, online and in video form, as a matter of fact, I posted one the other day, Gears of War COG Tag Video Guide. And I have also listed some websites that list the locations, so save your points for a game you can play or something, plus, I have reposted the cog tag guide below.

This webpage, Gears of War Guide (Xbox 360), Gears of War Walkthrough lists the numbers of cog tags by level and by section, example:

ACT 1 12 cog tags
14 Years After E-Day 3 cog tags
Trial By Fire 2 cog tags
Fish in a Barrel 1 cog tags
Fork in the Road 0 cog tags
Knock Knock 1 cog tags
Hammer 2 cog tags
Wrath 0 cog tags
China Shop 3 cog tags
They have listed specific locations on their Walkthrough portion of this guide

This webpage, COG Tag List, and it doesn’t have any advertisements on it, just straight information.

Prison area
COG Tag 1 – Right after you make your choice of paths (I chose
training) there is a tag straight ahead under the Gear logo. Can’t miss it.

COG Tag 2 – In the room where the locusts cut through the door. If you
are looking directly at the door they cut through, you can find it back and to
the left. It’s under the stairway across the room you came down.

COG Tag 3 – As you exit the above mentioned door into the courtyard,
there is a stairway to the left. Run up the stairs and turn left right at the
top. The COG tag is in the near side corner (if enemies are North, it would be
in the SW corner of the patio area.

Lots of great and free information on the internet, should always search before you buy any strategy guides for any game.