Corel’s Late April Fools Joke

Seriously, they have to be kidding. Corel has released an “important” update to InterVideo WinDVD because of the hacking of the AACS DRM recently using the license keys. You have to update the WinDVD software and patch your player or you will no longer be able to watch your HD DVD and BD discs! And their press release at the end actually says, “Your continued enjoyment of our software is Corel’s primary concern.” What a joke, if they want me to even buy their crap, they need to pull out all of the DRM bullshit and let me use them anyway that I want, I bought and paid for it, I should have full control of it, not them.

WinDVD customers who are currently using either HD DVD or BD playback will need to download the free security update from your PC or Drive manufacturer’s websites.

This update includes security enhancements as well as updated licensing keys that will be required to view both newly purchased HD DVD/BD titles and those in your existing HD DVD/BD collections. By downloading Corel’s free update, you will be able to continue to enjoy the latest HD DVD/BD content, while ensuring that copyrighted materials are properly protected.

Please be aware that failure to apply the update will result in AACS-protected HD DVD and BD playback being disabled. Source: Corel Releases Important Update for InterVideo WinDVD

Engdaget has it correct when they say Mr. assumed criminal.

That means no more hi-def movies for you, Mr. assumed criminal. Thing is, this is no ordinary patch since WinDVD exposed the hardware specific device key to video pirates. So not only are you required to update their janky WinDVD software, you also have to track down and install the particular AACS patch for the HD DVD or BD player you own. Of course this only patches one flaw in the massively compromised DRM boondoggle. And just think, you can repeat the whole process again after hackers circumvent this latest attempt at “content protection.” Isn’t DRM nice? Source: AACS patch for WinDVD, HD DVD and BD players: update or never watch movies again

Message to Corel and all the other DRM lovers. I will not buy your products; will not “upgrade” all of my DVD’s to any of the HD versions, or anything else you “require” people to do. Take a hint from your CUSTOMERS and ditch all of the DRM, it doesn’t do anything but give people a target, something else to crack and thumb their noses at you. It will always be cracked, just as this patch will be, and where does that put your users? Do you think most of these people will even know what the problem with the player is, let alone know to patch the software and the player? No, they won’t, and I guarantee you anyone who finds out that you all disabled their ability to play the movies they paid for, they will be pissed.

Take a clue from EMI and ditch the DRM, I bet their sales are already increasing on iTunes and will increase more once Microsoft cuts the deal with them for their player.