Bounty of $1,000 for Apple TV USB Drive Hack and are offering a $1,000 dollar bounty for the first team to get an Apple TV to use a USB drive for storage.

The rules:

  1. Patch must allow a USB hard drive, plugged into the Apple TV’s USB port to act as the default and primary storage for the Apple TV.
  2. The Apple TV must still boot from the internal drive and cannot use a complete replacement OS (the kernel may be patched, and additional kexts added).
  3. Patch must allow the media to be accessed as it would be were the internal drive being used (i.e if you couldn?t see their was a USB drive attached you wouldn?t know).
  4. Patch must be able to be applied without opening the case.
  5. Patch must be able to be removed (and the Apple TV to original configuration) without opening the case.
  6. No commercial files can be used asides from those found on the Apple TV or Mac OS X Intel. All others must be freely and legally distributable.
  7. The process cannot have been previously published, or demonstrated / distributed publicly.
  8. Judges decision is final.

See this post to enter and for more info.