Beware of User Created Service Packs

I posted earlier about a website owner rolling his own service pack 1 for Windows Vista, he is putting together all of the fixes and patches that have been released for far for Windows Vista and creating his own instead of waiting on Microsoft. Well, buyer beware, as always, if you download and install this “service pack” you could have trouble as it includes some patches that are intended to fix specific problems, and they may end up causing you problems you wouldn’t have had if you just updated using Windows Update.

With Vista freshly launched and company executives on record as saying that Vista is “high quality right out of the gate”, Microsoft appears less than thrilled with web site owner Ethan Allen’s decision to distribute Vista’s hot fixes and patches, rolling them into what he calls an SP1 Preview. This so-called preview was a collection of more than 100 hot fixes and patches for Vista. Selection, according to Allen, was determined based on information in Microsoft’s Knowledge Base, as well as information from an undisclosed “inside source.” Source: Microsoft: Beware of bogus Service Pack and hot fix sites

According to Ars Technica, this site has been posting stuff like this for years. My advice, just wait on the service pack from Microsoft and save the hassle for someone else.