A Gaggle of Google News

Whatever that means, but here’s a load of stuff about Google.

Google Calendar Security Notice Uh, guys? y?all gotta tell your friends not to store usernames and passwords in public documents – at least, not without protecting them with passwords themselves. More importantly, the last thing you want to do is set a reminder for yourself in Google Calendar and leave the login credentials in the reminder AND set it for public viewing.

Googlephobia Despite its casual approach to corporate life, Google is being taken deadly seriously by a growing number of commercial opponents and consumer lobbies.

Google’s Earth Day Logo Makes a Splash Clicking on the Google logo from the home page takes you to a predefined search for the term “Earth Day”. So why choose the logo they did? In my best guess mode, I have to assume this is Google’s quiet, subtle reminder and buy-in on the theory of global warming, made a topic du jour by the Oscar-winning Inconvenient Truth, fronted by Al Gore.

Google?s privacy nightmare just starting Nothing comes between my alogarithm and profits. Or so thought Google when it made a decision to buy DoubleClick for $3.1 billion dollars. Except they hadn?t counted on pesky politicians and busy bodies who would make a stink about the privacy policies of Google, and file complaints with say, Federal Trade Commission.

Eight Google Apps in Your Future Beyond the basics already included in the suite, Google asked about project and contact management, file storage, and online discussion groups, suggesting they are thinking of incorporating these into their suite. Combining this information, we can make some guesses at what you might find in Google Apps in the future.

Using Adsense to Fight Malicious BitTorrent Clients Torrent101, Torrentq and Bitroll are three malware supported BitTorrent clients which are heavily advertised on BitTorrent sites. They try to lure naive users into downloading these clients wiith catchy phrases like ?We use unique technology to increase the download speed of your torrents?. We decided to turn the tables around and advertised with malware warnings on their websites.

Google Calendar Nightmare Release As it turns out that there is a huge population of users, who create a reminder for an event and leave the login and credentials in the reminder as well. This reminder is often set to public viewing to share the event with friends or colleagues, not knowing that it could be viewed by anyone on the face of the planet. Want to view some passwords? just type ?user password? in the search box and click ?Search Public Events? button. Offcourse you can try out other wicked options to see what turns up.

Google beats Microsoft, Coke in brand stakes Google has knocked Microsoft off the top spot and been named the most powerful global brand of 2007 in a recently published ranking.

Google Q1 Sales Surpass Analyst Estimates Beating analysts’ estimates, Google said sales surged to $3.66 billion for Q1 2007. The company pointed to strength of its core business, search and advertising, as well as growth in international operations.

Hacking Google Calendar – anyone can do it Here?s how it works. Enter ?username password?, ?user password?, or anything similar into the public event search. The very first result currently gives out the user name and password for a Gmail account, and there are many more similar examples. Why does this happen? Because people go public with their Google Calendar, forgetting that they might have some sensitive info in there.