Zune Firmware Update in Mid-March

The Zune release manager has just reported that the next firmware update for the Zune will be mid-March. The will take it to version 1.3. They are fixing at least three problems, the skipping, FM tuner power drain and are updating the synching.

We’re fixing the skipping problem that some users were experiencing, that is, content acquired from Zune Marketplace will no longer skip when played on the device.

Improved device and software reliability, when it comes to device detection, and improved sync’ing.

We?ve made some changes to the FM Tuner so it no longer drains the battery when in sleep mode. source: Zune Firmware Update 1.3 Coming Mid-March

One commenter stated he would like to see them get rid of the 3×3 rule, three days or three listens and then you can’t play an item that has been beamed to another Zune, because he can’t even keep podcasts given to him by their owner. An entirely reasonable request, by adding the DRM they are making it harder for people to pass around their own stuff to people, if someone wants to give away their songs, podcasts, etc, to someone for a review, etc, why should it go away after three days? Complete and utter crap, please keep your DRM off of MY digital media.