Windows Vista Pwned

Like my leet speak, hehe. According to reports there is a brute force product key attack that has been working on Windows Vista. The website has a download available and instructions listed here Vista Brute Force Keygen, and several people have reported that it works, but none of the big news sites who say they have good keys from the brute force attack have tried it yet. So, what does this mean exactly? It may work and it may not, I have not read any reports about this site filling you up with malware yet, so that is one good thing at least.

All this is going to do is make it harder on honest people who have paid for their copies of Windows Vista, as this brute force “attack” is just guessing keys, so it will grab keys that are already in use, and keys that are waiting to be used, such as brand new pc’s that have not been activated yet. Sounds like a lose/lose for Microsoft again.

The code is floating, the method is known, and there is nothing MS can do at this point other than suck it down and prepare for the problems this causes. To make matters worse, MS will have to decide if it is worth it to allow people to take back legit keys that have been hijacked, or tell customers to go away, we have your money already, read your license agreement and get bent, we owe you nothing.

This is ugly for MS, and if it allows you to take back your legit keys, how long do you think it will take before people catch on to the fact that you can call in and hijack already purchased keys once you generate one that someone else activated? Source: Vista activation cracked by brute force

Of course the writer at the Inquirer doesn’t seem to be a Vista fan, so he hopes this is spread around and everyone is soon using illegal keys. Now, these keys probably won’t work for very long, all Microsoft has to do is update WGA to exclude the pirated keys, but, what about the legal ones that will be guessed and used? What will Microsoft do for those people? I imagine it will be hell to get one back and a pain to prove you bought it, but hey, isn’t that what we pay these companies for, the pain and suffering of using DRM ridden computers?