Windows Vista News 3/26/2007

Here are some of today?s, and maybe yesterdays, Windows Vista news.

Microsoft investigates exploitable flaw in Vista e-mail A bug in Windows Vista email client, Windows Mail, can allow attackers to run malicious code, or even some local code on a users machine just by clicking a link. If run locally, just clicking the link will run it, while, a program hosted elsewhere requires the user to click OK.

Microsoft cuts Vista prices by 10 percent UK users and small businesses are getting a 10% price cut from Microsoft if they purchase additional copies of Windows Vista.

Is Vista’s security all it’s cracked up to be? Backward compatibility still hampers Windows, although, it has come a long way baby.

Windows Vista Debuts with Strong Global Sales More than 20 million copies of Windows Vista sold in the opening month.

Dell Refunds Vista/Works With Two Emails Although you still can’t buy a Dell PC with no operating system, a user from Germany got his money refunded for the Basic version of Windows Vista.

In case some of you haven’t been looking, lots of Windows XP videos as well as many other videos are available in our video section, like this one here from Chris Pirillo comparing Windows XP to Windows Vista.