Windows Vista News 3/24/2007

Some news making the rounds concerning Windows Vista.

Apple reportedly to postpone Leopard to support Windows Vista Apple is expected to push back the release of the next version of their Operating System, Leopard, to give them a chance to support Vista using an integrated version of Boot Camp.

Microsoft announces more discounted Vista licensing Microsoft has announced the Windows Vista Additional License Program, which gives discounts to people who already have a version of Vista installed.

Exploit-for-sale hacker pins bug on Vista’s e-mail app A security “researcher”, who two weeks ago was touting a exploit for sale service, says a bug in Vista’s built in email program can be used to run malicious code.

Make New Icons for Windows Vista Latest verions of ArtIcons supports Windows Vista Aero-style icons.

A Vista driver case study Ed Bott bitching about the scanner he bought a year and a half ago.