Virtual Computer in Your Pocket

And by in your pocket, I mean your handy dandy USB drive. VMware has released a public beta test of their ACE 2 Enterprise Edition which includes the VMware Pocket ACE, which allows you to create and distribute virtual machines that can run from your USB drive.

This tool, dubbed VMware Pocket ACE, allows users to store any number of virtual machine images on USB drives then run the images directly from the drive simply by plugging it into a free port on any available computer. The virtual machine images include a free version of VMware Workstation 6.0, which is automatically installed and started when the machine image (which is distributed in the form of standard Windows installer files) is run.

The Windows version comes in at a hefty 273MB download. Preconfigured VMware ACE appliances for Windows 2003, Red Hat Linux, and SUSE Linux are also available to download, the latter two in .rpm binary formats. Also available is a 39MB download for the VMware ACE Management Server application. With this package, administrators can tightly control how the ACE virtual machine images are used. Images can be managed from central server, and configured to be available only to certain users, limit the use of virtual ports and devices, encrypt the entire image for security, and even specify expiry dates for the images. Source: VMware puts a virtual machine in your pocket

This looks pretty cool, I may have to sign up and try this puppy out, I can see many uses for something like this if you work and take care of a large department of employees. Then I could create a virtual machine which I could carry with me to login anywhere, without having to use roaming profiles, which could include all of the programs I need to do my job. Where is the signup button?