Todays Windows Vista News – 3/13/07

Here are some of the stories concerning Windows Vista that are making the rounds.

Valve questions whether Microsoft is committed to gaming or not, they want to know if they are in it for the long haul or just to promote Vista. Valve questions Microsoft’s commitment to PC gaming.

An article at InformationWeek says that the National Institute of Standards and Technology has banned Windows Vista from their networks, and they are holding a meeting in the future to discuss Windows Vista security. Of course the word banned is just to make the article sound better, and the last two paragraphs say that the FAA is concerned that Windows Vista may be incompatible with many software applications already in use at the FAA, so they may consider Linux and Google Apps. Source: Microsoft Suffers Latest Blow As NIST Bans Windows Vista.

The Filenetworks blog has posted that there is finally a one click activator for Windows Vista, this one emulates the BIOS of a branded PC, say from Acer, Dell, etc, to fool Vista into thinking it is a pre-activated Vista system like the ones that Lenovo and Acer sell. Source: Vista 32-bit one click activator (BIOS Emulation).