Tech News 3/28/2007

Some technology stories making the headlines today/yesterday.

Yahoo Mail to offer unlimited storage In May, Yahoo will start giving users unlimited storage with their email, up from 1GB in the free version.

HP Exits Media Center Business, Drops DEC Line HP is no longer going to sell PC’s made specifically as digital entertainment centers, they will still offer PC’s loaded with the Media Center software, though.

Microsoft Sends Secret Dossier on Reporter, to Reporter Microsoft says he is long winded…

Retrial for Microsoft piracy case Microsoft to get retrial in case of teacher using pirated Microsoft software.

Why Microsoft should buy DoubleClick Reasons Microsoft should buy them and how it would help.

MySpace sues Spamford Wallace The King is back in the news again, no it’s not Elvis, it’s the Spam King, Spamford, er, I mean, Sanford Wallace.

How to Import All Your Archive Email Into Gmail Great tutorial on how to import your email from Outlook into Gmail. I don’t know about you all, but I just hate knowing that someone else could be reading my email and I would not know about it.