Sucks to be an IT Manager

If you add one blog to your feed reader, or subscribe to an alert from google blog alerts, it should be to the Sunbelt Blog, it always has tons of good info about what kind of security things they are currently going through, spam, spyware and virus they are fighting, but it also includes all kinds of good tips and tricks they find on other sites, plus there is always good commentary by Alex Eckelberry about all thing tech. I first read about the Julie Amero case on that blog, and hopefully, they have been instrumental in helping her out, I haven’t heard anything yet.

But a post I just read concerning IT managers and the first quarter of 2007 is so true. There are so many things that can cause them problems of all sorts, new operating system, new version of Office and a new version of IE7.

IE 7 rollouts. Legacy software breaking and certificate problems. Here are a couple of posts I just picked off our NTSysadmin forum:

Right now, when a user uses IE6 and goes to a https website that does its own certificate (like ours) it comes up and gives them the option to view the certificate then install. Then no more issues.

But with IE7, NOOOOOOOOO, it blocks the content and maybe, perhaps it’ll let the user through if they beg, but maybe it won’t.

Other than removing IE7 off all the machines (which is the current solution), is there any way for IE7 to trust us? I even did that http://domain/certsrv and installed the certificate manually (which works with IE6) but it won’t freaking work with IE7. Source: When life sucks to be an IT manager

Definitely worth a daily check if you have no feed reader. They also touch on something that could be big to, the change in daylight savings time could be big, I guess I will be preparing for it this coming week. Ugh.