Spylocked Another Fake Spyware Removal Program

If you are hit somewhere with an ad for Spylocked, don’t install it, if you visit codec sites, for any reason, you could be hit with a driveby install of Spylocked. These codec sites are using the Zlob trojans to install this program, and once it is installed, you will begin receiving warnings that you need antispyware and they will try to get your to purchase it or another fake spyware removal program. Source: Spylocked Is Yet Another Rogue Program.

Automatic and manual removal instructions are here, How to remove SpyLocked (Removal Instructions).

When SpyLocked is downloaded to your computer by a Zlob trojan, it will automatically start and act as if it is scanning your computer. It will then provide a list of grossly exaggerated and fake results including the actual Zlob Trojan that installed it in the first place. It will then prompt you to purchase the full commercial version of the software before you can remove these items. This is a complete scam, and the results are a tactic used to scare you into purchasing their software. Needless to say, do not purchase it. A screenshot of SpyLocked can be found below.

The whole thing is pretty simple, download SmitFraudFix.exe, reboot your computer into safe mode, run the SmitFraudFix.exe program and select option 2, Clean, it will run the cleanup process on your computer, which could take awhile, it will ask if you want to clean your registry, select y for yes, and then, when it is done your computer will tell you to reboot. Upon, successful reboot, you should be clean of the spylocked infection. More detailed instructions are here.