More on the Dell Vista Upgrade

I posted in mid-February about the Dell Vista Upgrade that you can get with systems purchased between October 26th, 2006 and March 15, 2007, and about how people were already complaining about how long it was taking for customers to receive their copy. I see in the original post from the Dell blog that some people have finally started receiving their copy, and they said it is coming from DHL, you get a notification from DHL but not Dell.

Well, I see in my credit card that the shipping charge has timed out, so I don’t know what that means for me, hopefully they will just charge the card again and ship and I won’t have to re-order it, but my luck is never that good, so it’s hard to tell what will happen with mine. It will probably take just enough time that it will run out for me, and I will get nothing. The Dell blog has a new post confirming that the Vista upgrade kits are shipping, and mentions the SoundBlaster software that comes with many systems.

Many of you have said that the SoundBlaster Audigy Advanced MB software will not work in Vista. That is correct?it?s true that the Sound Blaster Audigy HD software sold with systems originally loaded with XP is not compatible with Vista. Vista has totally different driver architecture than XP, therefore the XP version of the Sound Blaster Audigy software is not compatible with Vista. Vista compatibility can only be achieved with a new version of the software and drivers. Two updates here:

Customers who are eligible for the Dell Windows Vista Upgrade will receive a copy of the Vista version of the SoundBlaster Audigy Advanced MB software. The software will be part of the Dell Vista Upgrade Assistant DVD.

We expect to begin shipping the Vista version of the SoundBlaster Audigy Advanced MB software to Inspiron and XPS notebook customers who opt for it beginning next week. We also expect to ship the Vista version of the software on Dimension desktops for customers who opt for it later in March. Source: Dell Vista Upgrade Kits Begin Shipping, SoundBlaster Audigy MB Software Update

A colleague from the Realtechnews website, Michael Santo, has been describing his own Dell hell concerning the Dell Vista Upgrade in a series a posts, the first of which he said,

The Upgrade is only for Vista Business, and I wanted Ultimate, so I bought Ultimate myself. Dell hasn?t even shipped the Upgrade DVDs yet, though they say they will start shipping today. Good luck! I ran the Upgrade Advisor before starting the install. It told me it didn?t have drivers for a buncha stuff ? no problem, right? All on Dell?s site, right (naturally I had already gone to the site to download everything)? Wrong. No driver for the Dell Wireless 1500 Draft-N card. Derailed before I even started. And BTW, I had already asked Tech Support about this missing driver and they assured me Vista had an inbox driver for it. Hah. Source: Dell and My Real-Life Vista Upgrade Frustration, Part 1

In his second post, he still has not tried the upgrade to Vista, because he was waiting on a driver, that, apparently was supposed to be included in Windows Vista, and after multiple calls to Dell, not one of the support reps even mentioned that fact, so he bought a separate card that had a driver listed on Dell’s site, and had still not received it from Dell. His last post, he was called by someone from Dell, probably after they found out he was writing about it on Realtechnews, and finally got some real news or information.

Well, that was quick. Right after (OK, hours after) I wrote my last post, I get a call from Dell. And here, I have to applaud them. I promised the guy I wouldn?t post his name, cuz then he?d get tons of calls, but he is a Dell Resolution Representative (or something like that), and he works out of Texas, as opposed to the other people I spoke to. Here I got some real help.

He indicated to me that no, there is no Dell driver for the 1500 card. Yes, there is an ?inbox? driver, but some people have had issues with it. He offered me either a beta driver, or even that same ABG card I already bought. When I told him I had already bought it, he offered a credit to my credit card. What more could I ask for? (Well, a working driver, but more on that later when it posts.) Source: Quest for Dell: Dell and My Real-Life Vista Upgrade Frustration, Part 3

Sounds like he might eventually get it worked out, I need to find the email address I used for the upgrade and see if I am actually going to get my copy sometime soon. I hate computers. ;)